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HiLT means the ‘handle’ of a sword. We chose hilt as the name of our company because when our clients draw their sword to execute a project, the hilt is the first point of contact for the consultancy service provider to plan and give insights so that when the sword is brandished, the hilt has stabilised the sword and henceforth the project could be met with the confidence of a skilled swordsman. The hilt is the fulcrum of an innovative solution to assist the client in realising their vision.

  • HiLT has been active in the Fire Engineering industry for over 15 years.
  • HiLT has over 40 engineers across 3 countries, who are actively involved in the Fire Engineering guidelines used worldwide.
  • HiLT Pte Ltd is appointed by SCDF as a member of:
    - the review committee for the Singapore Fire Engineering Guidelines (up till 2024); incumbent committee member for 2015 guidelines
    - the working committee for Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Road Tunnels (up till 2024)
    - the working group for SS634: 2018 Fire Safety for Open Plant Processing Facilities in Oil, Chemical and Processing Facilities
  • For the annual license renewal program, HiLT is one of the recognized training providers for Continued Professional Development (CPD).
  • HiLT is an award winning firm for fire safety design and also contribute to the global fire engineering community by attending conferences and presenting papers (Lisbon, 2018, Jakarta SFPE Conference, 2017 etc.).

HiLT Pte Ltd is ISO certified and registered with the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) as a multi disciplinary consultancy firm with a focus in fire engineering. We are also a registered Fire Safety Engineer and Inspector licensed firm with SCDF.


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